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Going Into The Marines?

See How an Out-of-Shape, Junk Food Eating, Unmotivated, 19 Yr. Old Kid Breezed Through USMC Boot Camp & Received a Graduation Day Promotion
To E-2 on Auto-Pilot...
To: Marine Recruit
From: Sgt. Matt Menster, USMC
Ready to go to Marine Corps Recruit Training? You may think so.
Your parents may think so.
You are NOT ready. You think barely getting into shape is going to prepare you for USMC boot camp?
Think again.
Have you ever met someone who signed up for the Marines, went to boot camp, only to fail & be sent home? I have. They are the most rejected, self-pitying, defeated & despicable individuals you'll ever set eyes on. When asked what happened at boot camp, most boot camp rejects will lie and make up a story about why they were sent home.
Recruits that fail at boot camp have set themselves on a course of failure for the rest of their lives. It's as simple as that. Will you be the next Marine Corps boot camp failure? Will you return home with your head hung low in shame?
I thought I was ready for boot camp. I took my enlistment into the Marine Corps very, very seriously.  I thought running 2-5 miles every day, working on my bench press, squats & other weight training would prepare me. Looking back on it now, before boot camp I was DEAD WRONG.

The Fact is: Absolutely nothing can prepare you for Marine Corps Physical Training.

So you might wonder out loud, "So how can I be 100% prepared for the physical challenges of USMC boot camp?" To that question I would have to answer: Train like your Drill Instructors are going to train you!

So how do you know exactly what your Drill Instructors will require of you? I tell you down to the last detail in my USMC boot camp preparation guide. Will my guide make recruit training easy? Definitely NOT. I am in no way trying to remove the challenge of joining the Marines.

"What I am offering you is the highest level of mental & physical preparation short of actually going through USMC recruit training."

I've already told you a little about the physical training aspect of preparing for boot camp. However, that's only the half of it. Would you  like to have a mental advantage when you arrive at boot camp?

That's exactly what I'm offering you. What exactly am I talking about? I'm talking about the mental/psychological stress you will encounter at boot camp.
So many poor souls end up either getting kicked out of boot camp or quit due to the mental stress of Marine Corps recruit training. Drill Instructors are taught hundreds of different ways to impose mental/psychological stress on recruits, so it's easy to assume that some recruits just can't handle it.

The irony is that some of the most athletic, muscular recruits (like high school football players) end up failing at boot camp due to mental stress or "mind games" that Drill Instructors play with their recruits. I will show you how to recognize and overcome the mental stress of boot camp. I'll even describe the specific mind games that your Drill Instructors will use & how to beat them.

Many of my fellow Marines are mad at the fact I am exposing the secrets of Marine boot camp in my Boot Camp Preparation Guide. I understand their anger. They had to learn about the rigors of boot camp the hard way. So did I.

You have a one time opportunity to get the competitive edge you need to not only successfully complete Marine recruit training, but also to EXCEL at it.
Some recruits who perform exceptionally well at boot camp are rewarded with fast promotions.
The reality of it is that you are going to be in a "World of Hurt" at USMC boot camp.

There is no way for you to really fully understand what or why a drill instructor is performing his right to have you do an obstacle course 10 times until you puke, or why he is picking you instead of other recruits. Every recruit experiences being singled out by their drill instructor, some much more than others.

Boot camp is psychologically unorganized. You will quickly find out that if you do something wrong, and you don't know how to verbally explain yourself, you will wind up in a world of hurt. The instructors will quickly team up on you, and then you will end up on their "list."

So do you think you have what it takes to "fit in" and impress everyone? You better THINK AGAIN!

Now there are a few recruits that slide through the whole process, and never even have one single problem, but those recruits either had some type of boot camp training before, had taken my course, or instinctively made the right moves at the right time.

Boot camp is one mean, tough place, and I am going to show you how to conquer USMC Boot Camp while avoiding negative conflict and focusing on your performance as a young Marine.

I want to now give you all the tools you need to be the next honor graduate at Marine Corps recruit training - regardless of how tall, short, fat or skinny you are.

"Learn how to get a fast promotion
and become the next USMC Honor Graduate

I've taken my first hand experience and highlighted the experiences of boot camp that were the most challenging and most rewarding.

I made it a point not to ramble about "nostalgic" boot camp experiences that I had, I give future recruits the cold-hard facts about boot camp. For example, I've provided information about specific physical demands that are placed upon recruits at boot camp. I'll give you an inside look at the Marine D.I. School and the responsibilities that your drill instructors have during boot camp. By reading my guide you'll learn:

How To Survive The Dreaded "IPT" (Incentive Physical Training) Sessions & How To Lessen Them
Tips For Excelling When Performing Forced Marches
An Inside Look At Marine Corps Martial Arts Training or "MCMAP"
Climates for Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island & San Diego

The physical demands of boot camp are extreme. Equally challenging is the mental aspect of USMC boot camp. Here's how you will benefit from my book by gaining a mental edge for boot camp:

Learn Marine Drill Instructor Mind Games and How To Overcome Them
How To Adjust To Military Life Faster Than Other Recruits
The #1 Thing You Absolutely Must Tell Your Recruiter Before Bootcamp
How To Prepare For Boot Camp Academics
What will anger your drill instructor. (You don't want him angry)
Arrive At Boot Camp With The Right Attitude & How To Maintain The Right Attitude Throughout Boot Camp
Just by gaining knowledge of the above topics will prepare you exceptionally well for boot camp. But I didn't stop there.
I also explain many of the events in the "Boot Camp Training Schedule".

Here's a few of them:

The Rifle Range & Rifle Range Qualifications
Physical Training Regimen
What Happens Inside "The Gas Chamber"
The Sand Pit & The Quarterdeck
The Crucible

Curious about "The Crucible?" Most recruits are. I'll show you how to pass this final test and excel while doing it.

Will reading this book help you prepare mentally and physically for boot camp and give you a competitive edge over other recruits?

I answer that question with a whole hearted YES. I poured my best efforts into composing the PrepareForBootCamp system. You WILL be MUCH more prepared than the average recruit.

-Official Testimonial-

Good Day Sgt.
        Former Marine Cpl. Shawn Landles here I just wanted to say that it is an invaluable service you are performing and i wish there were somthing like this available when i joined there are alot of hard lessons recruits learn in bootcamp and if they can go in better prepared than I was that will be the best for them there was no crucible when i went through BC but I had 4 mean ass Drill Instructors that were the best at there job and i am glad they were there they imparted imense knowledge while working your body into the shape they need you to be I was and all state football linebacker when i joined and thought i was in the best shape of my life but they proved me wrong To all the young want to be Marines out there i would highly recomend buying this book to prepare for the hardest 13 weeks of your lives. Again thanks for providing this service Sgt Menster
Shawn Landles
Former Marine Cpl.
Right now I would strongly recommend you do three things:

For the price of a few movie tickets you can gain the edge you need for USMC boot camp:

Some people graduate USMC Boot Camp with honors, some people fail miserably. And when you fail, you REALLY fail. For some people, boot camp comes easily, and the accomplishment is the most incredible experience in their entire lives.

Arm yourself with the right mentality and expectations of USMC Boot Camp. Learn how to act and exactly what to expect physically. Kill your fears and impress your instructors opening up new opportunities for your future and making the most out of this experience. You only do this once, and you hold the world on your shoulders. Make the best of it. Learn from the experts.

The decision is entirely up to you. Learn my super accurate approach to conquering Boot Camp easily and with style. Execute my strategies and become untouchable.

The drill instructor will have nothing on you.

The decision is entirely up to you. Learn my super accurate approach to conquering Boot Camp easily and with style. Execute my strategies and become untouchable.
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